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Help! How do I place a listing on Shetland Sales Australia?

The website is easy to use and place listings. If you are having trouble placing your listing, marking it as sold, or editing and existing advert, please read the step by step guides on the forum. These guides are complete with screenshots of each listing step and should answer all of your questions.

You can find the user guides HERE.

What is the cost to register on this site?

Nothing. There are no registration fees for buyers or sellers.

How much does it cost for sellers to place listings?

How can I pay for my listings?

What can I advertise on Shetland Sales Australia?

You can advertise any Purebred Shetland Pony that is registered with the Australian Pony Stud Book Society, or eligible to be registered as purebred. You can also advertise Shetland related items such as tack and equipment as well as wanted ads for Shetland Ponies and Shetland related items, & Stallions at Stud. New Foal arrivals have their own special section in the annual Foal Feature.

Please remember that image proofs are not permitted on the website due to copyright issues. If you are using a professional photographers images, you must give a photo credit in the image title area and permission must have been given by the photographer for the pictures use online.

All show and event results are welcome for submission. Show Societies and breed groups are welcome to list their Shetland related event dates and can also submit their schedules and entry forms in word or pdf format for our site visitors to download.

Please send in any items of interest for inclusion on the news page. This can include show related news items, new Shetland purchases or sales, stud news, breed group or society news - anything that would be of interest to fellow Shetland enthusiasts.

Breeders can promote their ponies by listing their stud in the Stud Directory and on the Links page (coming soon).

Can I still post my advert to you if I can't list it myself?

Absolutely. If you do not have internet access or a scanner etc, you can still post your advert to me and I will list it for you under the Shetland Sales username.

Make sure you include all relevent details. All adds MUST include your town & state, the APSB Registration Status, sex and height of the pony and a contact phone number. If these are not included I cannot list your advert. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope if you would like your photo returned.

The address is:

Vicki Jenkins
Shetland Pony Sales Australia.
"Jenssel Park"
Murrulebale Rd
Old Junee, NSW, 2652

Is this site secure?

Yes. Your transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology.

What about scammers?

Unfortunately scammers are part & parcel of advertising on the internet. We have no control over who might read and respond to your listing. Some organisations and individuals may use information obtained from our website for fraudulent purposes. It is important to be alert to the fact that there will always be dishonest people using the Internet to achieve personal gain through fraudulent activities. To help you in recognizing these types of scams, we have provided below a list of indicators. They are only guidelines, and as always, should be tempered with common sense.

Big Promises: Claims such as offering more money than the asking price without an initial conversation regarding the horse are almost always a sure sign of a scam. Be careful of any individual who wants to send you more than your asking price.

Uses Free Email Address:  Scammers use free web-based email addresses such as yahoo.com, ymail.com, gmail.com, live.com, etc.

Cashiers Check for MORE than Your Asking Price:   They will send you a (COUNTERFEIT) cashiers check or certified check (cheque) and ask you to send the difference to them or their shipper by wire transfer or Western Union.

Request Money by Western Union or Wire Transfer:  Beware of these attempts to quickly defraud you of your money.

High Pressure Tactics:   Be wary of individuals asking you to speed up the transaction beyond your comfort range. Again, a legitimate deal probably isn't going to move as fast as your money. Don't let yourself be pressured -- think things through.

Requests for financial information:  Don't give out any bank information without establishing a comfort level with the buyer or seller.

Always get something in writing:  You should never complete a transaction without first writing down the terms of the deal and have each party sign it. If you can't afford a lawyer to draft up a contract, you still should write down the terms of the deal in plain English and get it signed. Any buyer or seller that is hesitant or resists is usually a sure sign of a potential problem.

Remember the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is." :  To protect yourself and others from falling victim to this or a similar scam it is important to try obtaining as much information as possible about a buyer.

Buyers: Try to inspect the pony or goods in person before purchase. Verify the APSB registration status of ponies with the Registrar before purchase.

If you are unsure of an email or advert send an email to admin@shetlandsales.com and we will try to assist you. Likewise the forum is an excellent source of advice and most sellers/ponies will be known to one of our members.

Can I save adverts to revisit later?

Yes. You can maintain your own "favorites" list within your account. Each listing on our site has an "add to favorites" link. Simply click that link and we will add that item to your favorites list.

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

You can set up search filters within your account area. Our site will then screen all new listings, as they are placed on the site, and if an item is listed that meets your filter (search) criteria, we will automatically send you an email notification.

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

We provide buyers with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller's listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer's questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. The seller can choose to keep their email address anonymous.

I still have questions - what do I do?

If you still need assistance with your listings, please email admin@shetlandsales.com. You might also like to post your question on the Shetland Sales Forum. Our are very helpful and may have the answer you need!